Black Hair Beauty Award to celebrate black hair, the beauty of Japanese women
The second winner was actress Hikaru Takahashi
Umika Kawashima appeared as a presenter

YANAGIYA HONTEN CO., LTD., held the second Black Hair Beauty Award Ceremony at Conrad Tokyo in Shiodome, Tokyo, on Wednesday, April 19. This award was presented by YANAGIYA Apricot Oil, which has supported Japanese women's beautiful black hair, a symbol of the beauty of Japan. This year’s winner was actress Hikaru Takahashi. The first award winner, Umika Kawashima, made an appearance at the ceremony as the presenter of the award.


Hikaru Takahashi was chosen as the second winner of the Black Hair Beauty Award, which is awarded to a woman who has beautiful black Japanese hair. Hikaru Takahashi won because her beautiful black hair and pure and energetic image met the criteria in addition to her exquisite black hair, which has never been dyed.

Umika Kawashima, also an actress, is the face of YANAGIYA Apricot Oil and the winner of the first Black Hair Beauty Award. She made an appearance at the award ceremony. She presented the award, acting as the host of the ceremony.

The Black Hair Beauty Award celebrates the beauty of a woman who looks the most attractive with black hair. This award was established in 2015 in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of YANAGIYA HONTEN, which has cared for Japanese hair throughout its history, aiming to trumpet the beauty of Japanese women's black hair inside and outside of Japan and conserve and inherit its culture value. The winner was selected based on three criteria: healthy and beautiful hair, pureness from within and a personality that is energetic and prepared for challenges.

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Profile of Umika Kawashima

Winner of the first Black Hair Beauty Award.
Since she made her debut as an actress in 2006, she has appeared in various works including movies. The anchorwoman of a morning information program, she has also embarked on a career as a TV program hostess. She has been the face of YANAGIYA Apricot Oil since 2015.


Profile of Hikaru Takahashi

Winner of the Grand Prix in the 14th Japan Beautiful Girl Contest in 2014.
She stared in the movie Jinsei no Yakusoku and appeared in many other works including a TV commercial for Tiovita energy drink by Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.