The secret to our ability to take quality a step further lies in our use of botanical ingredients.

The history of cosmetics incorporating botanical ingredients is embodied in the 400-year history of Yanagiya. It began with rouge, and hair oil and pomade emerged in the Edo Period. As we moved into the Taisho Period, Yanagiya Pomade - a product that characterizes the modern-age Yanagiya - was born. Even during the war, when materials were scarce, we remained devoted to the use of vegan materials in the production of our pomade, and it has now been popular for nearly 100 years.

Today we have infused our oil products - which have been at the heart of our lineup since our founding - with a fresh new sensibility and are creating a succession of new products featuring the finest botanical ingredients nature has to offer.

Since the Edo Period, we have remained steadfast in our dedication to the incorporation of botanical ingredients in our products. Cosmetic products touch people and add color to their lives in a very direct and personal way, and our products are crafted to convey our devotion to safety and peace of mind to our customers.

Since our founding, we have applied our accumulated know-how to maximizing the various benefits of botanical ingredients and delivering to our customers the most refined and effective products possible.