Privacy Policy

Yanagiya Honten Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Yanagiya") considers the proper handling of personal information of all visitors to this site a societal responsibility, and conducts the protection, management, operation and usage of such information in accordance with the policies outlined below.
The policies have been established as basic items for compliance to ensure the proper management of personal information under the possession of Yanagiya.
Personal information is defined as information about an individual which includes but is not limited to name, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number, occupation and age that has been provided to Yanagiya by visitors to this site.
1.Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Rules
Yanagiya complies with all applicable laws, regulations and rules concerning personal information.
2.Purpose and Scope of Collection of Information
Upon receipt of personal information, Yanagiya clearly identifies the purpose of use and collects information as it deems necessary.
3.Use of Personal Information Within Collection Scope and Purpose
Yanagiya will not use personal information provided for any purpose other than that for which is was provided to us, nor will it use, offer or entrust personal information outside of the scope of applicable laws, regulations and rules.
4.Thoroughness of Proper Management
Yanagiya has implemented preventive measures to preclude the misuse, loss, damage, falsification and leaking of personal information. Furthermore, all employees of Yanagiya are provided with training concerning the proper handling of personal information to ensure it is managed appropriately.
5.Disclosure Restrictions and Management
Personal information retained by Yanagiya is kept confidential, and in the event the need arises to provide such information to third parties within the scope of use and within the parameters of all applicable laws and regulations, the information is handled in such a manner as to ensure maximum protection.
6.Continuous Improvement
In order to ensure proper management of personal information, Yanagiya is continuously working to improve its management system through awareness of all applicable laws and regulations, social norms and advances in information technology, and regularly reviews performance toward the continuous improvement of the system.

April 1, 2005
Yanagiya Honten Co., Ltd.